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Carboranes Containing Two-Photon Sensitive Fluorescent Probes for Microscopy
Xiao Hua Sun, Jean-François Nicoud, Man Shing Wong and Frédéric Bolze

Carborane containing systems are of growing emphasis in biological applications. Many systems are nowadays described for potential use in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. Nevertheless, only few systems containing a carborane moiety and presenting an important two-photon excited fluorescence are described in the literature. We which to present here the few systems built with a carborane moiety, presenting a significant two-photon excited fluorescence and used in two-photon excited microscopy on cell culture. We also present a new pathway to obtain di-ethynyl symmetrically substituted p-carborane for an easy preparation of π-expanded conjugated systems based on p-carborane.

Keywords: Carborane – Two-photon absorption, fluorescence, Two-photon excited microscopy

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