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Light Amplification in DNA and Other Polyion Complexes Stained with Simple Immersion Technique
Yutaka Kawabe, Takemasa Suzuki and You Iisaka

An alternative fabrication method for dye-doped DNA-surfactant complex films was developed. In this technique, DNA-cethyltrimethylammonium (CTMA) or other polyion complex thin films were prepared by a spin coating method at first and were stained with dyes by soaking them into water or acetone solutions of the dye for a while. We have applied the method to two examples as well as the one already reported. Water soluble dye Eosin Y was employed and the complexes fabricated with four types of surfactants showed amplified spontaneous emission (ASE). A non-DNA polyion complex, poly-methacrylic acid (PMAA) was used for the complex formation and succeeded to give complexes with two types of dyes, showing the ASE under very low energy pumping.

Keywords: DNA complex, dye laser, CTMA, amplified spontaneous emission, eosin Y, PMAA

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