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Conversion Electro Dipole ωa–Photon, Emitted by Excited Motionless Two-Level Atom in Nanocavity with Resonance Mode and Linearly Polarized High Physical Vacuum, into Pair of Anty-Phases Coherent (ωa± g)-Photons with Probability 0,5 of Each
Vladislav F. Cheltsov

The new quasi-stationary structure in the system “two level atom with a unit of orbital moment in its excited state, interacting electro-dipolar with single linearly polarized resonance mode in one-dimensional highfinesse nanocavity with its passive linewidth Γ”, has been discovered in area 0Γ/g ≤ 1(g is coupling constant). The structure has been revealed while investigating the system’s dependence on physical vacuum in cavity, describing by parameter Γ/g. The structure consists of two strongly coupled to atom anty-phases linearly polarized virtual photons with frequencies (ωa ± g) and spins anty-parallel with each other in respect to the cavity axis. Being in dynamical equilibrium the photons and atom exchange with atomic orbital moment projections and photon spins. During that equilibrium the structure creates mode beatings. It has been shown that the structure disintegrates with emission pairs of anty-phase polarized real (ωa ± g)-photons when mode beatings tunnel out of cavity into area with Γ/g > 2.

Keywords: New stationary structure, virtual resonance photons, conversion, physical vacuum, linearly polarized mode, super-finesse nanocavity, tunneling, mode beatings, coherent disintegration, two coherent anty-phases photons

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