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Numerical Analysis of Q-switched Seven-core Ytterbium Doped Fiber Lasers: Application To Materials Processing
A. Nassiri, H. Idrissi-Saba and A. Boulezhar

In this work, we have modeled and developed the behavior of sevencore fiber lasers in a Q-switched mode. A multicore cladding pumped by a multimode laser diode of high power for simultaneous amplification of doped seven-core fiber is demonstrated. Firstly, we have validated our model based on the experiment and simulated results realized by other authors. Secondly, based on these simulations, we have successfully demonstrated an actively Q-switched seven-core fiber laser cavity which produces a large pulse emitted at 1.064 μm at 1 kHz with a full width at half maximum (FWHM) of 161 ns and energy about 23mJ for materials processing. This fiber laser configuration is a good candidate to replace Q-switched thin disc laser and Nd-Yag laser used to materials processing such as drilling, cutting and deep engraving of materials.

Keywords: Q-switched mode, seven-core fiber, fiber laser, materials processing, thin disc laser, Nd-YAG laser, drilling of materials, cutting of materials, deep engraving of materials.

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