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Experimental Study of Optical Fiber Conditions in Service On Data Communication
N. Abas, A. R. Kalair, N. Khan and M. S. Saleem

An experimental study was carried out to quantitatively measure the impact of lateral, angular and axial shifts of fiber core faces after breakage during service. The light data signals were generated and recovered by the standard commercial fiber optic communication modules. Both analog and digital data transmissions were carried out for fiber lateral displacements, tangential shift and axial chasms in air as well as water. It was observed that analog signals can go through misaligned or even partially broken fibers but the digital signals fail to run through. This paper concludes that analog transmission during calamities is more reliable than digitally transmitted data. In terms of secured data transmission the encrypted digital data is safer than counter analog data but the later keeps on passing until fiber is complete damaged.

Keywords: Optical communication, Fiber optics, Data communication, Secured communication

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