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Molecular Spectroscopic Study of Borate Glass Doped Neodymium Oxide
Yahia. H. Elbashar, Diaa. A. Rayan and Hossam S. Rady

This work presents the molecular spectroscopic analysis of glass systems with a chemical composition wt% (x-42) B2O3. (100-x) Na2O.40ZnO.2Nd2O3 (where x=100, 95, 90, 85, 80 and 75) and which were prepared using the melt quenching method. The X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the amorphous nature of the prepared glass. The effects of Na2O content on the glass system influences the estimated values with changing of the boron network of BO3 and the BO4. The most active IR peaks were observed in the region from 400 cm–1 to 1600 cm–1. The FT-IR spectra were analyzed to determine and differentiate the various vibrational modes by applying a deconvolution method to them.

Keywords: Molecular analysis, glass, spectroscopy, Borate glass.

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