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Realizability of n=0 Condition for Nonlinear Surface Polaritons in Magnetic Media
Andrew D. Groza

We explore the possibility of achievement of vanishing propagation constant value for TM-polarized nonlinear surface polaritons (NLSP) near the interface of two epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) magnetic media. One of the media is optically linear with positive dielectric permittivity and the other is optically nonlinear (defocusing) with a negative linear part of permittivity and a saturable nonlinear part of permittivity. Based on the exact solution of Maxwell’s equations we study the relationship between the NLSP propagation constant and the NLSP energy flux for different sets of magnetic permeability of the media for Kerr-like and saturable nonlinearity of the nonlinear medium. We show that the important for quantum information processing condition n=0 can be achieved for the NLSP in such a structure. Realization of the condition depends considerably on the signs and values of the magnetic permeability of the media and on the saturation level of the nonlinear medium permittivity: the products of permittivity and permeability of each of the media are to be negative; the saturation levels are to be less than the saturation level which corresponds to a zero value of the saturated propagation constant. We demonstrate that near the condition n=0 the NLSP propagation constant is highly sensitive to variations of the NLSP field intensity.

Keywords: Quantum, information, processing, nonlinear, surface, polaritons, saturation, epsilon-near-zero, magnetic, metamaterial, plasmonics

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