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Modeling and Simulation of a Photovoltaic Cell Based on Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm
Yunlong Zhou and Guangping Lu

With the arrival of global industrialization, the energy shortage becomes increasingly probable and severe. Solar energy as a renewable resource begins to catch the attention of human. As a result, the photovoltaic power generation becomes to be more and more important. The proposed in this paper Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm can effectively improve the utilization rate of solar energy in the process of photovoltaic power generation. This study describes an improved MPPT algorithm. It presents a predictive control made on the original basis and establishes a stimulation model using the Matlab/Simulink model for experiment. The performed experiment suggests that the improved algorithm can enhance the tracking efficiency of MPPT control and the utilization rate of solar energy, which is of a great significance for the promotion of photovoltaic systems.

Keywords: MPPT algorithm, photovoltaic power generation, model predictive control, solar energy harvesting

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