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Progress in DNA Photonics and Electronics – Tribute to Naoya Ogata
Yutaka Kawabe and Junichi Yoshida

Application of DNA to photonics and electronics was proposed by Naoya Ogata in 1990s. Utilizing its specific structure, ability to complex formation, and affinity to various organics, many types of complex materials have been synthesized and reformed with various techniques by Ogata and his collaborators, showing promising functionalities for practical applications. Application field ranged over very wide area from photonics as dye laser, nonlinear optics, photonic switch, electroluminescence, and optical waveguide device to biological and medical applications. Research activities on DNA materials are still expanding at the moment. This review aims to give a concise overview of his pioneering works in this new field and their impacts on science and engineering.

Keywords: DNA, DNA complex, DNA-lipid, DNA-surfactant, dye laser, nonlinear optics, photonic switch, electroluminescence, separation membrane, secondary battery, sensor

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