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Theoretical Determination of the Phonon Density of States in Amorphous Cadmium Oxide for the High Margin of the Extreme Ultraviolet Region
M. A. Grado-Caffaro and M. Grado-Caffaro

As a significant prediction, we determine theoretically the phonon density of states in amorphous cadmium oxide for the high margin of the extreme ultraviolet region. To get this end, we consider the coefficient of optical absorption in the above margin in relation to the corresponding dipole-moment matrix element in the frequency domain, which is assumed as approximately constant in the margin in question, and also in relation to the phonon density of states which is the target of the present paper.

Keywords: Amorphous cadmium oxide, Phonon density of states, Extreme ultraviolet region, Optical absorption, Dipole-moment matrix element

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