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Performance Analysis of 10Gbps FSO Communication Link Under Suspended Dust and Rain Conditions in Lahore, Pakistan
S. M. Yasir, N. Abas and M. S. Saleem

Free Space optical (FSO) communication is one of the most emerging solutions for high data rate communication system to meet appetite requirements of data users. FSO communication system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor communication links. There are several factors which can degrade the performance of FSO communication link for both indoor and outdoor communication. But optical communication link is highly affected by the dust, sand, rain and fog which limit the performance of optical link in outdoor environment. FSO can impressively utilize as a back-hall communication link to connect different data communication terminals due to its several advantages like unregulated bandwidth, no influence of electromagnetic energies, highly secure and its frequency in THz. Defused link FSO communication (Li-fi) can also be a solution to solve bottle neck issues for indoor users. In this paper, we have, simulated dust and rain attenuation models. These models are further utilized to analyze the performance factors like Quality factor (Q-factor), signal to Noise ratio (SNR) and Bit Error Rate (BER). These factors are highly correlated with each other. The environmental attenuation decreases SNR of FSO communication link. SNR and Q-factors are directly proportionate and inverse in relation with BER. These three factors are simulated for 10Gbps back hall FSO communication link under dusty and rainy condition has been analyzed in Lahore, Pakistan.

Keywords: FSO, VTSD, SNR, attenuation, BER, Q-factor, received power

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