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Charge Independent DC Model for Floating Gate MOSFET Used for Flash Memory and Electro-optic Switching Applications
A. H. Hassan, Y. Ismail, A. M. Nassar, H. Abd Elhamid, H. S. Ayoub and Y. H. Elbashar

Floating-Gate MOSFET (FGMOSFET) is considered as a basis for flash memory and electro-optic switching applications. A compact DC model for FGMOSFET is highly needed. In this work, the parasitic capacitances needed for FGMOSFET is introduced for 0.13 μm CMOS technology. The output characteristics were verified with the spice simulation model in Cadence. Also, a spice model for FGMOSFET can be inserted in any circuit simulator. The model is based on n-channel FGMOSFET. The model is valid from the linear to the saturation regions.

Keywords: Floating gate MOSFET model, parasitic capacitances, flash memory, spice circuit simulation

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