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Effect of CuO Nanoparticles on Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Polymer/MgO Nanocomposites
Wasan K. Hasan, Jassim T. Mahdi and Ammar S. Hameed

Paper describes the results of our research on new materials for application in photonics. Their optical parameters such as the absorption coefficient, refractive index, extinction and reflection coefficients of polymer/MgO/CuO materials were obtained by measuring the optical transmission spectra of solution cast films of studied materials. Three polymers: PVP, PVDF, PVC were used as matrices for MgO and CuO nanoparticles.

The effect of adding the CuO nanoparticles to the polymer/MgO nanocomposites was evaluated from their optical transmission spectra. An increase of their transmittance by addition of the CuO nanoparticles was observe. We used also the closed and open-aperture Z-scan techniques to obtain the nonlinear index of refraction and the nonlinear absorption coefficient. The technique is a direct and accurate method to study the nonlinear optical effects. Using these methods high accuracy results can be obtained for a large range of materials with non-linear optical behavior. The measurements were done for all studied samples at 632.8 nm wavelength using a cw He-Ne laser. The addition of CuO particles to polymer / MgO nanocomposites enhanced the optical properties of the nanocomposites making the complexes interesting materials for use as effective photonic elements.

Keywords: Z-scan technique, optical properties, nonlinear optics, polymer/MgO nano composites, polymer/MgO/CuO nano composites

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