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Effects of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation on Stability of Electrical Voltage System
Bo Shang

With the rapid development of society, the demand for energy is increasing. However, the total amount of non-renewable fossil fuels is limited, which prompts people to turn their attention to renewable clean energy, such as the solar energy. In this study, OpenDSS and MATLAB software were used for simulating and analyzing the distributed photovoltaic connected IEEE34 grid system. The influence of different photovoltaic permeability and connection locations on grid voltage was tested. The increase of photovoltaic permeability improved the voltage of grid nodes. The stability of grid also increased. The position of photovoltaic connection affected the three-phase voltage of power grid. The change of B-phase voltage was the most obvious. The closer the connection position is to the weak link, the higher the stability of power grid. The stability of photovoltaic multi-point connection was higher than that of single-point connection. In summary, a reasonable PV permeability, connection location and number should be considered to ensure the stability of the grid when distributed photovoltaic is connected with a grid.

Keywords: Distributed photovoltaic, grid connection, voltage stability, OpenDSS

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