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A Brief Study of Equiradial Automotive Visual Vehicular Using Laser Shadowgraphic System
H. S. Ayoub, M. Nazeeh, W. M. Hussein, A. El-Sherif and Y. H. Elbashar

In this work a laser shadowgraphy technique designed to test and enhance the automotive visual ergonomics is described. An experimental setup is used to test the field of view (FOV) of three sample cars through equiradial laser beam shadowgraphy from driver’s cyclopean eye position. A resulting shadowgraph is analyzed to retrieve ergonomic drawbacks of each sample design. This technique help in the design of safer cars and also can be used to differentiate between several competitive cars from the same class whenever on ergonomic bases to lower collision probability due to bad designed driver’s FOV. A complete modeling of experimental parameters is inclusive.

Keywords: FOV, Ergonomics, Laser shadowgraphy, In-car design evaluation, Blind zones, cylindrical plot, automotive interior

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