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Inspection of Electric Transmission Line Fault Based on UAV Lidar
Kai Che, Dongding Ding, Songtao Wang and Qing Zhao

After long-term operation, overhead transmission lines will inevitably have faults, which may be caused by weather disasters or aging materials. If the faults are not removed in time, serious power accidents will occur. Therefore, regular fault inspection should be carried out on transmission lines. Traditional manual inspection is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also will have omissions. The emergence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology and lidar provides a new method for fault inspection. This paper introduces the detection technology of UAV lidar which is used to detect the fault of the east-west 500 kV power transmission line. The consumed time of the detection in new way is compared with that required for a conventional manual inspection. It turns out that there is a distance defect caused by vegetation in this transmission line, and there are seven cross sections, including three weak electrical lines, two roads, two rivers; The total detection time is 136 minutes, which is much less than the traditional manual inspection time of one week under the same workload. In summary, the UAV lidar can be used for fault inspection of transmission lines.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicles, lidar, point cloud technology, transmission line

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