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Visual Tracking Inspection Method of Transmission Line based on Infrared Thermal Imaging
Shugang Wang, Tianqiao Zeng, Peng Wang and Peijun Dong

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspection is a safe and efficient way to patrol the transmission line. In this paper, the visual tracking of UAV infrared thermal imaging inspection technology is studied. Firstly, the infrared thermal imaging inspection technology of UAV is briefly introduced. In the infrared image tracking process, the maximum value method is first used to reduce the image grayscale. Then the image denoising methods are compared and wiener filter is selected for denoising. Then the image is enhanced by histogram equalization. At last, the edge detection of transmission line is discussed, and the edge detection is carried out by using Robert operator. A certain infrared image is taken as an example to verify the visual tracking processing method in this paper. The results show that the image quality is greatly improved after image grayscale and denoising. Good results are obtained by edge detection using Robert operator. Power lines can be accurately identified without damage to edge details. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method for visual tracking processing, which is conducive to the accuracy improvement of subsequent fault detection.

Keywords: infrared thermal imaging, transmission line, inspection, visual tracking, image processing

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