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Intrinsic Optical Bistability with Different Radiation Reservoirs
Y. A. Sharaby and S. S. Hassan

In this work, we investigate and compare the intrinsic optical bistable (IOB) behavior of dense atomic system consisting of two-level atoms and interacting with different radiation reservoirs, namely, Kerr nonlinear blackbody (KNB), squeezed vacuum (SV) and thermal field (TF) reservoirs, without an optical cavity. In the KNB reservoir case, a temperature-induced double switching-up and -down phenomenon with near resonance conditions is predicted. Recent fabricated nanotube blackbody radiators offer the possibility to observe such temperature switching with IOB nonlinear crystal materials. Comparison with the cases of thermal field (TF) and squeezed vacuum (SV) radiation reservoirs for IOB system shows different diagrams of temperature-induced switching processes.

Keywords: Intrinsic optical bistability, local field switching, thermal switching, Kerr-nonlinear blackbody and squeezed vacuum reservoirs.

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