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Optical Spectroscopic Analysis of Bandpass Absorption Glass Filter Based on Vanadium Copper Oxide for Laser Safety Applications
Y.H. Elbashar, R.A. Ibrahem, J.A. Khaliel, D.I. Moubarak, A.S. Abdel-Rahaman, H.H. Hassan

The phosphate glass system of chemical composition 40P2O5-37ZnO- 2CuO–(20 − x)Na2O–(x) V2O5 in molar ratio with x=1,2,3,4, 5, and 6 are prepared by the conventional glass melt technique. The density is measured by using the conventional Archimedes methods. The molar volume is calculated and found the density decreasing by increasing V2O5 content and molar volume increasing by increasing V2O5 content, the structure of all homogeneous prepared glasses were studied by XRD and UV-vis spectroscopy. The optical spectroscopic analysis for the obtained glass samples is carried out over the whole range (200–2500 nm) for studying the effect of bandpass absorption glass filter, its color peak center and UV cut-off. The glass samples showed a bandstop in UV-infrared range which was increased by increasing V2O5 content. The results reveal the practicality of this glass composition in optical color glass bandpass filter for UV preventing applications such as UV-Laser protection.

Keywords: bandpass filter, glass science, vanadium phosphate glass

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