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Quantum Communication Information Transmission and Identity Judgment Based on Teleportation in Wireless Networks
Yanan Li and Ruiyang Yao

With the development of technology, quantum communication has been widely used in modern transmission filed. In this study, the information transmission and identity judgement based on teleportation was researched. Quantum communication in wireless networks was briefly introduced at first, then an improved Grover routing algorithm based on teleportation was designed to achieve the information transmission of communication networks, and a structurized model with a center was designed to achieve identity judgement. It could be found that in this study the method of information transmission could efficiently prolong the lifetime of routing and the method of identity judgement had high security as well as communication efficiency through analyzing the performance of the methods of information transmission and identity judgement. The experimental results proved that the method in this study was reliable, providing some theoretical basis for the further development of quantum communication.

Keywords: quantum communication, teleportation, information transmission, identity judgement

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