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Electric, Dielectric and Optical Properties of Doped Metal Oxide Glasses. A Review
Y.H. Elbashar, D.A. Rayan, H.S. Ayoub, M.S. Abdel-Gayed, S.M. Hussien, A.E. Omran, W.A. Rashidy, R.A. Ibrahem, M.A. Mohamed, D.I. Moubarak, Mohamed Ahmed Eassa, Khaled Hussein Metwaly

The glasses containing transition metals are of great interests because of their properties which are important from the technological point of view. Also, they exhibit semi-conducting and several other interesting properties for potential applications. The electronic structures of the transition elements ion consist of occupied d-orbitals. In view of the high scientific and technological importance elucidating the dielectric behaviour of materials, studying the electrical properties of materials in an applied AC electric field has been at focus of numerous papers. The study of dielectric properties over a wide range of frequency and temperature of the glass materials not only helps in accessing the insulating character and but also understanding the conduction phenomenon. They give also information on the structural aspects of the glasses to a large extent. This is a review article in the field of glass science, which spotlights on the studies of and characterization of electric and dielectric properties of doped metal oxides glasses.

Keywords: glass network, dielectric, conductivity, spectroscopic analysis

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