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Accurate Theoretical Investigation on the Plasma-Infrared Effect in Narrow-Gap, Heavily Doped, Dilute, N-Type Semiconductors
M.A. Grado-Caffaro and M. Grado-Caffaro

Within a macroscopic framework, the plasma-optical effect, relative to the far-infrared range, in a given narrow-gap, heavily doped and dilute, n-type semiconductor, is investigated theoretically by considering that the electron effective mass almost does not depend on the electron concentration and conceiving the corresponding dilute electronic plasma as an ensemble of quantum harmonic oscillators. Manifestly new results are obtained. In fact, the magnitude of the quantized electron velocity is calculated. In addition, the corresponding refractive index is regarded in relation to the optical potential.

Keywords: Plasma-optical effect, Far-infrared range, Narrow-gap semiconductors, Refractive index, Quantum harmonic oscillator, Optical potential

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