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Gene Transfer in Poultry Sperm by a Low-level Power Laser Irradiation
Mohamed Ibrahim, Y.H. Elbashar, Essam. A. El-Gendy

This is a review paper focusing on the low power laser irradiation (LPLI) that enhances fowl semen, and the introduction of exogenous DNA (pUC18-rep gene) into the sperm. The use of diode laser strengthens also the biological activity of the sperm in the presence of the plasmid (rep gene) and lipofectin as a lipo-lasic method. PCR analysis proved that visible diode laser irradiation method enhanced the introduction of partial length of the rep gene, involved in the pUC18 plasmid into the sperm. Also, both lipofectin and lipo-lasic methods enhanced the introduction of the (rep gene) into sperm, where visible diode laser irradiation alleviated the deleterious effect of lipofectin in the lipo-lasic method on the transfered sperm.

Keywords: fowl spermatozoa, visible diode laser irradiation, semen quality, sperm-mediated gene transfer, SMI, MTT, PCR, lipofectin, lipo-lasic

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