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Three-dimensional Laser Combined with BIM Technology for Building Modeling, Information Data Acquisition and Monitoring
Shaoxiong Ma

After the completion of the construction, according to the design drawing, the construction needs to be monitored to ensure the safety of the use of the building. Regular manual monitoring is time-consuming and laborious, and the information lags behind. In order to collect building information in real time and quickly, this paper briefly introduced Three-dimensional laser scanning technology, and combined building information modeling (BIM) to collect and monitor building information. Then, an operational steel suspension bridge in Shaanxi Province, China, was analyzed by using three-dimensional laser BIM technology, and the actual data measured by high-precision total station was used for comparison. The results showed that the trend of deformation and displacement data collected by both static monitoring and dynamic monitoring was basically the same, and the deformation and displacement of suspension bridge increased gradually from both ends to the middle, reaching the maximum at 50 m; statistical data of all monitoring points showed that the accuracy of short-time static monitoring of three-dimensional laser BIM was 97.2%, and that of long-time dynamic monitoring was 95.3%. In conclusion, three-dimensional laser BIM technology can be used for building modeling and information data acquisition and monitoring.

Keywords: three-dimensional laser, building information modeling, information monitoring, visualization

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