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Performance Improvement of Video Quality Transmission for Underwater Visible Laser Communications
Mazen A. Oleiwi and Mazin Ali A. Ali

Design and experimental demonstration of an underwater wireless optical communication system by using a multi-beam green laser diode is presented. The system is capable to transmit the video with pulse width modulation (PWM). Two laser diodes (532 nm) to carry the data (video) and two photodiode utilities as a receiver were used. The essential idea is to use two (LDs) when the first beam (LD1) suffers from the attenuated work of the second beam (LD2) to backup the beam. The results were achieved under a laboratory environment for a different channel. The chemical compounds KCL, and MgCl2 were added to the water tank to increase the dissolved particles and check their influence on the transfer. To assess the multi-beams system different measurements were performed to get such parameters like: received power, signal to noise ratio, bit error rate, and the quality of the received video. The results show a good received video quality for multi-beams communication system under different situations.

Keywords: underwater communications, green laser, multi-beams, bit error rate, modulation.

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