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Design and Driving Technology of Temperature Control Circuit Based on Semiconductor Laser
Linsheng Wang and Donghe Xi

Good temperature control plays an important role in semiconductor lasers. This paper mainly studied the design of laser diode (LD) temperature control circuit. Firstly, the influence of temperature on LD performance was analyzed. Then, with negative temperature coefficient (NTC) as the temperature measuring device and increment proportion integral derivative (PID) as the control algorithm, thermo electric cooler (TEC) drive circuit was designed to drive TEC, and LD temperature was controlled according to the control quantity of PID algorithm. The experimental results showed that the incremental PID algorithm adopted in this study had better performance, faster running speed and higher stability than the traditional PID; the error of temperature control was around 0.05 ℃, showing high precision; it could realize the stable control of temperature in about 60 s, with good stability. The experimental results show that the temperature control circuit designed in this study has good reliability and can achieve effective temperature control, which makes some contributions to the research of LD temperature control circuit and is conductive to the further development of LD.

Keywords: laser diode, temperature control circuit, proportion integral derivative controller, thermo electric cooler

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