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Non-linear PID Control of Industrial-oriented Intelligent Robots
Yun Han

Industrial-oriented intelligent robots plays a very important role in industry development, and their control is always a difficult problem, which attracts extensive attention of researchers. In order to improve the control effect of the robot, a non-linear proportion, integration and differentiation (NLPID) controller was designed in this study. Firstly, the dynamic model of the robot was established. Then, the traditional PID control method was introduced. On the basis of the PID, the NLPID controller was designed, and the stability of the NLPID controller was analyzed theoretically. Finally, the robot model and the control method were simulated in the MATLAB environment. The simulation results have shown that the three-axis error of the robot was smaller under the control of NLPID compared with the traditional PID control method, and it could reach the desired position in about 1 s. The circular and linear trajectory tracking also found that the trajectory under the control of NLPID basically conformed to the desired trajectory and had a good control effect.

Keywords: Intelligent robot, nonlinear PID, dynamic model, trajectory tracking

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