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Application of Z-Scan Technique for the Study of Nonlinear Optical Properties of BCP/MEH-PPV
A. J. Almusawe, M. A. Rahma, E. A. Mohammed and H. L. Saadon

Nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of a pure BCP and BCP doped with MEH- PPV solutions, at different doping concentrations and different laser powers were, were studied by the Z-scan technique with a cw laser at 532 nm wavelength. It was found that they depend on the power of used laser. The measurements have shown also that the BCP/MEH-PPV complex exhibits the self-defocusing nonlinearity with large nonlinear refractive index as well as a significative nonlinear absorption. The BCP/MEH-PPV solutions exhibit also an interesting optical power limiting laser with a low threshold. These studies show that the NLO properties of BCP/MEH-PPV solutions may open new possibilities of using them in all-photonic switching elements and in optical power limiting.

Keywords: Organic materials, nonlinear optics, optical power limiting, z-scan; BCP/MEH-PPV

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