Internal Friction of Nano-Sized Carbon Black-Loaded Polymeric Composites Using Laser Shadowgraphic Technique: A Review
D.I. Moubarak, H. H. Hassan, T.Y. El-Rasasi, H. S. Ayoub, A.S. Abdel-Rahaman, S. A. Khairy and Y. H. Elbashar

In this paper we review and discuss the research on the influence of carbon black dopant concentration on mechanical properties and internal friction in polymeric composites. The carbon black-loaded rubber composites were subjected to different mechanical tests such as stress-strain characteristics and internal friction were studied using the laser shadowgraphic technique.

Keywords: NR rubber, NBR rubber, SBR rubber, N220 black, N774 black, Stress-Strain characteristics, Internal friction, laser shadowgraphic technique

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