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Narrow Emission Linewidth of Highly-Pure Silicon Nitride Nanoparticles in Different Dye Solutions as Random Gain Media
Baraa K. Nasser and Mohammed A. Hameed

In this work, two different laser dye solutions were used to host highly-pure silicon nitride nanoparticles as scattering centers to fabricate random gain media. The laser dye was dissolved in three different solvents (ethanol, methanol and acetone) and the final results were obtained for methanol only. The silicon nitride nanoparticles were synthesized by dc reactive magnetron sputtering technique with average particle size of 35 nm. The random gain medium was made as a solid rod with high spectral efficiency and low production cost. Optical emission with narrow linewidth was detected at 532-534 nm as 9 mg of silicon nitride nanoparticles were added to the 10 -5 M dye solution. The FWHM of 0.3 and 3.52 nm was determined for Rhodamine B and Coumarin 4800, respectively. This is good attempt to fabricate and operate high-efficient and low-cost random laser in the green region of electromagnetic spectrum.

Keywords: Random gain medium, Random laser, Rhodamine B dye, Nanoparticles

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