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Glass Materials in Nuclear Technology for Gamma-ray and Neutron Radiation Shielding: A Review
Aly Saeed, R. M. El Shazly, Y. H. Elbashar, A. M. Abou El-Azm, M. N. H. Comsan, M. M. El-Okr and W. A. Kansouh

The review deals the investigation of glass doped with elements exhibiting high cross-section for shielding against the neutrons and gamma-ray radiation. The attenuation ability of pure gamma-ray, fast neutrons, slow neutrons, and total gamma rays is reviewed and discussed. A short literature review on the glass materials for nuclear radiation shielding is also given.

Keywords: glass shielding, gamma-ray shielding, nuclear technology, neutron shielding, nuclear spectroscopy

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