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Glass Technology and Its Application in Solar Cells
Yahia. H. Elbashar, D.A. Rayan, Hedra Emad R. Saleh, Roshdy A. Abdel Rassoul

For solving the energy problem and the bad effects of conventional sources of energy on environment, great attention in many countries is paid towards the use of renewable energy sources. Special interest is paid towards the various sustainable energy sources. Among them the solar energy seems the most promising one. There are several ways to harvest energy from the sun. Solar thermal systems use heat from sunlight, e.g. for making hot water. Sunlight can also be converted into electricity, either by Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) or with solar cells (photovoltaics, PV). Improving the efficiency of solar cells is an active area of research in photovoltaic industry. The research work presented in this review is based on a quest for better and improved silicon solar cells. The current work aims to explore different possibilities by studying advance approaches for PV applications. Additionally, this work is intended to seek the feasibility of new photonic concepts for improving silicon solar cells.

Keywords: Glass technology, downconversion glass, Neodymium doped glass, photovoltaic cells, solar energy conversion

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