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Study of WDM-FSO System for Optical Signal Transmission under Harsh Condition
Mazin Ali A. Ali

In this paper, the performance of WDM-FSO communications system has been simulated and analyzed basing on NRZ modulation technique over a different weather conditions. The suitability of distance link under this technique were studied. WDM has more advantage when used in optical communication system. In this work, a comparison study for received optical power, Quality factor and bit error rate was made basing on simulation software (OptiSystem version 7.0). The results showed that the received power is improved when WDM is used. The max. link reaches up to 7.55 km for clear weather. The obtained results indicate that the performance of WDM-FSO is the best when a strong attenuation is present.

Keywords: FSO, Atmospheric Attenuation, OptiSystem 7.0, WDM, BER, Q-Factor

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