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Study on Excitation Model of Magneto-acoustic Coupled Imaging Sound Source
Liang Huang, Yu Xu and Li Yang

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, magneto-acoustic coupling imaging technology has been promoted and applied in the medical field, especially in the early diagnosis of cancer plays an important role. However, at present, domestic research in this field is still unable to compare with that of foreign developed countries, and there is still much room for improvement in research progress and depth. Based on the principle of magneto-acoustic coupling imaging, this paper deeply explores the related technologies of magneto-acoustic coupling imaging, and verifies the feasibility of magneto-acoustic coupling imaging technology in detecting the conductivity and real-time imaging in the media through experiments, which can play a role in promoting the development of magneto-acoustic coupling imaging technology.

Keywords: Magneto-acoustic coupling imaging technology; The principle; Sound source excitation model

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