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Influence of Coupling on the Conductivity of Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Printed Electronics Industrial Inks Applications
A.N. Emam, Ahmed I. Abdel-Salam, Mohamed M. Abdel-Aziz, Ahmed S. Mansour, Ahmed Shehata, Mona B. Mohamed and Yahia. H. Elbashar

Silver nanoparticles were capped with hexadecyl-amine by chemical reduction method using phenylhydrazine as a reducing agent at low temperature. The size of prepared samples is ranging between 10–20 nm. UV-Vis absorption spectrum exhibits a plasmon band at ~ 409 nm, indicative of formation of spherical silver NPs. These nanoparticles were converted at low temperatures to highly conductive silver elements suitable for low-cost, printed electronic applications. The time factor plays an important role in the presence of the plasmon coupling interaction between the individual particles, leading to development of their optical properties. The modes, which become apparent at small separations as distinct spectral features and shift also towards the red, are the result of a strong interaction between single-particle multiples.

Keywords: Surface plasmon resonance, plasmonic coupling, plasmon resonance, metallic inks, silver NPs, conductivity

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