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Molecular Spectroscopic Analysis of Sodium Phosphate Zinc Copper Glass Matrix Doped Magnesium
Y.H. Elbashar, W.A. Rashidy, Jamal Khaliel, S.M. Hussien, A.E. Omran, R.A. Ibrahem, M.A. Mohamed, A.S. Abdel-Rahaman and H.H. Hassan

Pentium phosphate-based glasses with the general formula(21-x)Na2O–xMgO-40P2O5-35ZnO-4CuO, x=1,2,3,4,5,and 6 mol %, where the O/P ratio was varied of values, were prepared using a conventional melt quenching technique. The structure and valence states of the magnesium ions in these glasses were investigated using density measurements, infrared spectroscopy and XRD. Infrared spectra indicate that phosphate network is copolymerized with progressive substitution of alkali earth content and inform the characteristic vibrations of PO43– units. The depolymerization of metaphosphate chains are described by the decrease of Q2 tetrahedral sites allowing the formation of pyrophosphate groups (Q1) revealed by spectroscopic investigations. The density and the molar volume show opposite trends with increasing MgO.

Keywords: phosphate glasses, Magnesium phosphate glasses, FTIR, depolymerization

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