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Impact of Zinc Ions on the Physical Properties of Sodium Barium Phosphate Glass Containing Cu2+ Ions
D.A. Rayan, Y.H. Elbashar and A.M. Abdelghany

Series of glass nominal composition of 10Na2O-13BaO-xZnO-(70-x)P2O5:7CuO were prepared by conventional melt annealing technique. The composition x was varied from 20 up to 40. Infrared absorption spectra approved that for x > 20 mol%, ZnO acts as a glass network modifier like phosphate groups. Glass sample of composition x = 40 mol% reveals IR cut off at 774 nm in the transmission curve. Optical band gap values observed to decrease as ZnO content increases except x= 30%. Refractive index values are estimated from the optical band gap values which inverse of the band gap behavior. Density as well as molar volume behavior is strongly dependent on the ratio of ZnO content. They varied linearly as ZnO content increases either gradually for density or descending for molar volume. The values of density changed from 2.814 up to 3.313 g/cm3 for x= 20 up to x=40 mol%, while the molar volume varied from 42.287 to 32.249 as ZnO content increases. Empirical formula describes the dependence of density and molar volume on ZnO content was deduced.

Keywords: Zinc phosphate glass; CuO; IR; Optical Properties; Density

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