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Modeling of Combining SDM-WDM Erbium-Doped Multicore Fiber Amplifier for Optical Telecommunication
A. Nassiri, A. Boulezhar and H. Idrissi-Saba

Space Division Multiplexing seven-core fiber amplifier has attracted great interest recently due to its potential to improve the capacity of transmission systems. Greats efforts have been made by research teams to develop SDM fiber amplifier either by enlarging the core and, therefore, the number of mode counts or by improving the amplification properties and pump conversion efficiencies. For increasing the demand transmission capacity limited by (SDM), we report a new technology based on combining SDM and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) seven-core fiber amplifier. A new model for SDM-WDM fiber amplifier is proposed and demonstrated. After testing the influence of the seven-core fiber amplifier configuration parameters, a large band of wavelengths about 50 nm is simultaneously amplified in each core with a gain higher than 20 dB and a noise lower than 5dB.

Keywords: Seven-core fiber, doped fiber amplifier, Erbium ion, Space Division Multiplexing, Wavelength Division Multiplexing

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