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A Secure Approach to Steganography Based Irises Media Using DWT Transformation
Zeyad Nabeel Najm and Abbas Fadhel Hadi

Steganography is the science of concealing information into a media to create a secure channel of communication. It is different than scrambling the information but, it is hiding the data, that no one can see it. The proposed method in this paper is based on irises as a biometric feature. An iris was detected from an image, then by the using of DWT and decomposing of (Discreet Wavelet Transformation), the secret data (images, sound, or text) will be implemented in the HH band of the DWT after treated by another DWT element called Slantlet Transformation to create a kind of malformation and more strength for the method.

Keywords: Image processing, steganography, irises, DWT transformation

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