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All Optical Switching by Two Co-propagating 𝑞-Gaussian Laser Beams in Nonlinear Optical Media
Naveen Gupta and Sandeep Kumar

In this paper, a simple and novel scheme to develop an optical analogue of electronic switch has been presented. This can be obtained by sending two laser beams coaxially through nonlinear media with saturating nonlinearity. The nonlinearity in the optical properties on the medium is assumed to be cubic quintic nonlinearity. Semi-analytical solutions of the wave equations for the fields of incident laser beams have been obtained by using a variational formalism. Emphasis are put on dynamical variations of beam widths of the laser beams with distance of propagation through the medium. It has been found that the weak beam modulates the intensity variations of the strong beam that giving rise to the possibility of an optical NOT logic.

Keyword: 𝑞-Gaussian, All Optical Switching, Cubic-Quintic, Self-Focusing

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