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A Study of Manganese Ferrite Prepared by the Solid State Reaction
Abbas Fadhel Hadi and Zeyad Nabeel Najm

In this research, samples of spinel ferrite with chemical formula (MnFe2O4) were prepared by the method of solid state reaction for absorbing the electromagnetic X-Band spectrum waves, in the frequency the range of (8-12) GHz. They were characterized using a waveguide device. The values of reflection coefficient, absorption coefficient and attenuation coefficient were calculated for all (3) prepared samples, with sintering temperatures: 1050, 1100 and 1150 °C. The results show appearance of a number of resonant absorption peaks at the X-band frequency range. Lowest values of the reflectivity and the highest absorption as well as attenuation were observed for samples sintered ad 1150°C. The results of X-ray diffraction XRD showed a good compatibility with standards, except for some secondary phases of the ferrite samples.

Keywords: Solid State Reaction, X-Band, Waveguide, X-Ray Diffraction, manganese ferrite

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