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Application of Laser Radar in Precise Vehicle Positioning and Obstacle Detection
Dongliang Wang

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the output of autonomous vehicles has been greatly improved. Laser radar, as a high-precision detection sensor, has been widely used in vehicle environment perception. However, at present, artificial intelligence vehicles still have great potential safety hazards, causing many traffic accidents. Therefore, it is very important to study the application of laser radar in precise vehicle positioning and obstacle detection. Based on the application of laser radar in vehicles, this paper introduced LOAM algorithm in the research of precise vehicle positioning and recorded and compared the track using a solid vehicle model; in the research of obstacle detection, the clustering algorithm in grid map was introduced, and the radar induction system was built on the computer and simulated with relevant software. This study aims to provide a reference for the application of laser radar in vehicles and offer a theoretical basis for the improvement of the automatic driving vehicle to improve its safety performance. Finally, the conclusion is drawn that the application of radar in precise vehicle positioning and obstacle detection shows good accuracy; thus, this method is feasible. However, the accuracy of laser radar in obstacle detection cannot be guaranteed for objects with continuous motion and a long distance.

Keywords: vehicle positioning; obstacle detection; laser radar

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