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Thickness Effect On Some Physical Properties of Nanostructured SnS Thin Films
M. Al-Baghdadi, Mohammed Odda Dawood, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Ziad M. Abood and Sami Salman Chiad

The nanostructured SnS thin films were obtained by a low-cost chemical spray pyrolysis method (CSP). The optical and structural parameters of SnS nano films were studied by different thickness. X-ray diffraction showed that films were of orthorhombic structure with preferred orientation in the (111) direction. These films reveal a decrease in crystallite due to thickness film increasing. Results indicated that films showed < 70% of transparency in visible region. The same behavior was noticed for the optical bandgap. Results obtained by dispersion parameters mention thickness dependency.

Keywords: CSP, SnS thin film, XRD, UV-VIS, AFM

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