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Design and Performance Analysis of Feedback Based Contention Resolution Technique for Optical Burst Switching (Obs) Network in Nonlinear Medium
M. K. Dutta and R. K. Sarkar

Burst loss due to contention is a major problem in an OBS network. In this paper a feedback based contention resolution scheme, using fiber delay line is reported. The proposed architectural model is consisted of one optical switching node (node A) and one feedback node (node B). Data bursts that are contending at the output of node A are exported to the feedback node where the bursts are uploaded at different available wavelengths at different time slots determined by the control circuitry. Blocking probability of the proposed network is estimated and performance of the network is estimated in terms of incoming traffic vs blocking probability for different network parameters like incoming data rate, bandwidth utilization factor etc. Blocking probability of a network varies with optical fiber nonlinearities and different network parameters. Here in this paper few important nonlinear and optical network parameters are considered while calculating the blocking probabilities of switching node, feedback node and both. Results show that the performance of the OBS network improves significantly by the introduction of the feedback node.

Keywords: Optical WDM network, Optical burst switching, Contention resolution, Fiber delay line, Blocking probability, Fiber nonlinearities, Optical network parameters

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