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Q-switched Microsecond Pulse Generation at 1550 nm Region with Nickel Oxide Naparticles Saturable Absorber
M.F. Baharom, N.F. Zulkipli, A.A. Rahman, M. Yasin and S.W. Harun

Q-switched fiber laser operated in microsecond regime was successfully demonstrated using a saturable absorption property of Nickel oxide (NiO) naparticles. The NiO PEG film was prepared by drop and dry method, and it was sandwiched between two fiber ferrule connectors with a fiber adapter to form a fiber compatible NiO SA. By inserting NiO into an Erbium-doped fiber laser cavity, the stable Q-switched pulses appeared at a threshold pump power of 143.8 mW. The laser operated at 1570.6 nm. Under a pump power of 239.6 mW, stable Q-switched laser pulses of 5.59 µs in duration, 9.92 mW in average output power and 150.4 nJ in energy were obtained.

Keywords: Erbium-doped fiber laser, Q-switched laser, Nickel oxide, metal oxide material

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