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Dive of Photonics in the Battle to Fight Against COVID 19: A Review
Naveen Gupta, Gnaneshwaran A. and Senthil Kumaran

When physicist says that there is physics behind everything, he literally means everything, including how virus or diseases transmit and how it can be detected at the early stage of infection. However, from the 1918 influenza pandemic till today’s corona pandemic, no efficient diagnostic tool for the sensitive identification of viral pathogens has been developed. Rapid, sensitive, and label-free detection of COVID can serve as a first line defence against the current pandemic. Emphases is put on explaining how photonics is currently applied in COVID-19 testing while simultaneously looking at how photonics is fuelling the next generation of technologies to combat COVID-19.

Keywords: Coronavirus diagnostic, fluorescence, SARS-CoV-2, Covid -19

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