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Structure and Optical Properties of Olive Oil Thin Films Obtained by Plasma Jet Polymerization
Dawood M. Khudhair, Duaa A. Uamran, Orass A. Hussein and Alyaa A. Ajbar

Iodine doped olive oil thin films, with different iodine concentrations (pure, 1%, 3%, and 5wt%), were deposited at room temperature and atmospheric pressure on glass substrates by in-situ aerosol assisted plasma polymerization. Their structure and physical properties were characterized by SEM, XRD, and UV-VIS  spectroscopy techniques. Optical investigations have shown that the band gap energy depends on the iodine concentration. As show the XRD patterns thin films of pure olive oil are amorphous. The X-Ray difffraction patterns on films containing iodine are conform with those of pure iodine. The presence of iodine, embedded in olive oil, is revealed by XRD and SEM. It shows that the aerosol assisted dielectric barrier discharge DBD plasma jet polymerization may be used to prepare Iodine/olive oil nanocomposite thin films and that the experimental parameters can be used to control the optical band gap energy irregularities.

Keywords: olive oil, nanocomposite, plasma jet, dielectric barrier discharge DBD, atmospheric pressure plasma, plasma polymerization, polyaniline

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