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Quantum AI — Prospects and Challenges
Vikram Singh Sankhala and Anuja Agarwal

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated every aspect of our life. To make AI behave like real AI what is critical is the speed of computing which is the bottleneck. Quantum produce results faster. The area of quantum machine learning, which exists at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning, strives to enhance conventional machine learning methods using quantum computers. Machine learning (ML) approaches have recently achieved significant results in regression, classification, data creation, and reinforcement learning tasks, due to high computational power and data availability, as well as algorithmic breakthroughs. Quantum algorithms for data-driven decision making are becoming more common in quantum machine learning, an issue with several potential applications. This article addresses quantum computing recent advancements and the way of serving as an artificial intelligence with its prospects and challenges.

Keywords: Machine learning; Artificial Intelligence; Quantum Computing; Quantum Algorithm; AI Accelerator

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