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RF Transmission Based on White LED for UWOC Solar Panel Receiver
Ghusoon A. Qasim and Mazin Ali A. Ali

In this paper, the design and the realization of an underwater optical wireless communications system, through which can be transmitted and received different frequencies (1-100) KHz via four techniques (SISO, SIMO, MISO, MIMO) is presented. The waves with given frequencies are sent from a function generator device (FG) with amplitude shift key (ASK) intensity modulation technique. These are generated using a white LED. Then the optical beam is transmitted through a glass tank of 1m length, 40cm width, and 30cm height, filled with 80L of clean water. Different parameters for the system, such as peak to peak voltage (Vpp), voltage gain (Av), signal to noise ratio (SNR), and the received optical power Pr to study its performances, were determined. The results show that the system displays a good link quality to the received waves, under the same conditions for the four techniques used.

Keywords: LED, Modulation, Underwater transmission, Radio Frequencies, attenuation, signal transmission

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