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Application Analysis of Telescopic Intelligent Manipulator in Detection of Overhanging GIS Equipment Group in UHV Substation
Jianmin Wang, Xiao Liu, Yongyun Zhang, Wei Wang and Jing Guo

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of urban network renovation projects, GIS has become the leading switchgear. However, on the road of inspection and maintenance, the normal inspection of GIS equipment will be hindered due to its compact structure, irregular inspection path and other problems, which has become an urgent problem to be solved on its development road. Scalable intelligent manipulator based on this, this paper has carried on the design research, through the simulation experiments verify the scalable smart performance of mechanical arm movement and posture, from the point of the experimental results, a scalable coordinates to determine the circumstances of intelligent robot can be in the end, given the trajectories of different routes, with different bending Angle in target location, It can effectively and flexibly avoid obstacles and carry out efficient and accurate patrol inspection on GIS equipment groups. At the same time, A UHV substation is taken as an example for application analysis. From the application results, it is basically consistent with the simulation results, and has good obstacle avoidance ability and path planning advantages. The purpose of this study is to improve the intelligent water for UHV substation patrol inspection, enhance the application strength of intelligent manipulator in special environment, and solve the practical problem of GIS equipment group inspection maintenance difficulties.

Keywords: UHV substation; GIS equipment; telescopic intelligent manipulator; the simulation results

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